Sleep Studies and Sleep Telemedicine Services

sleep telepsychiatry service

Sleep is a key factor in determining good health, which in turn is a barometer for a good mood. Disturbed sleep can affect us the entire next day. Sleeplessness is considered to be a high indicator of suicide in youths. It causes depression and a feeling of being low, and as a result, doesn’t allow the person to function normally. Also, increasing work stress reduces the amount and quality of sleep that people get, creating a negative cycle of unwellness.

The American Psychiatric Association also indicates that sleep deprivation increases the risk of being suicidal. “A total of 96 percent of participants (n=48) endorsed a suicide-attempt history. Mean actigraphy values revealed objectively disturbed sleep parameters; 78 percent endorsed clinically significant insomnia and nightmares, according to the study. Specifically, actigraphy-defined variability in sleep timing, insomnia, and nightmares predicted increases in suicidal ideation, the study found.” Blake, J. (2017, August 1). Sleep Disturbances May Increase Suicide Risk In Young Adults. Retrieved from

At Advanced Telemed Services sleep telemedicine specialists evaluate sleep studies through sleep telemedicine. If the studies are completed overnight, the sleep studies determine any unusual conditions leading to sleep deprivation.

Also, Advanced Telemed Services’ psychiatrists help patients with depression, a major cause of sleep deprivation, via telepsychiatry. For more information about sleep telemedicine services, please contact us at 855-933-3600.

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