Teleradiology: Then and Now

Artificial Intelligence and Teleradiology

There are approximately 34,000 radiologists in the United States. This number has significantly grown from 27,906 radiologists in 1995. Radiology is now a favored medical profession and is one of the highest paying in the industry. During the course of 22 years, radiology has also taken a huge turn in the way the reports are created and provided.

Currently, a large portion of studies are read via teleradiology. Teleradiology is the transmission of radiological images via a secure virtual private network (VPN) from the medical facility (imaging center, hospital, mobile clinic, urgent care center, etc.) to our server. From the server, the images are accessed via our PACS and American Board Certified radiologists read the studies. The reports are then delivered electronically to our client facilities.

In the 1990s it was typical for radiologists in a particular imaging center or hospital to report for only one location. Now, with the help of teleradiology, radiologists can be at a hospital office or their home office and report to multiple centers. Each radiologist has been able to increase their reading efficiency and volume significantly, which helps to keep radiologist compensation high in the midst of falling reimbursements.

Between 2005 and 2010, we saw the teleradiology market starting to mature and consolidate, with many teleradiology companies acquiring others. Now, in 2018, the industry is mature and saturated with numerous teleradiology groups, large and small, vying for new opportunities to read. As competition has increased the fee per study has significantly dropped, creating a great environment for imaging facilities to grow their business. Imaging facilities know that there are many teleradiology providers in the market, which allows them to be very selective about the provider they choose to work with. Advanced Telemed Services has the advantage of being able to offer the reading service, bundled with the PACS, fast turnaround times, excellent support, and easy physician access. We have been in teleradiology for over a decade and have a proven record of great service.

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