Telemedicine : Reasons for growth

Telemedicine has many facets. It is the use of remote diagnosis of patients via HIPAA compliant technology. This method allows patients to be evaluated at a distance and diagnosis provided in a timely fashion. This is utilized mostly in rural areas where subspecialties are not available or medical evaluations in urban areas are done but don’t require to be in person.

At Advanced Telemed Inc we provide reports to multiple specialties. It starts with radiology, neurology, audiology, psychiatry, CGX testing (Cancer Genomic testing).

The global telemedicine market is approximately $24.9 billion and is seen to rise at 18% per annum.

Some of the drivers of this market are:

– The telemedicine market is fueled by the growth of the home care market and the decrease in hospital visits

– Increase in geriatric population

– Increase in rich technologies where accurate diagnosis are done remotely

– Lack of working patients unable to go to doctors to complete their evaluations and would rather do it from the comfort of their home.

– Large MCO and health insurance companies have the ability to see more patients than in the past Community Care Plan of Eastern Carolina (CCP), the installation of telehealth programs allows them to see a double number of patients that they saw in the past.

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