Teleradiology in Africa: Advanced the Teleradiology Provider of Choice

Advanced Telemed Services has expanded its coverage in Africa for the last eighteen months. Africa is a developing market. Radiology has not been as developed as much as the USA and the U.K. There are only 60 radiologists who are serving the country alone. In Africa, the drawback is that the salaries are very low. If a person makes $50 per month and has to pay $200 for an MRI, it would be expensive. MRI is used as the last resort. Other modalities such as X-rays, CT scan, and Ultrasound are done in abundance.

The machines that are there in Africa are comparable to the ones in the USA and other nations. We have been receiving studies of 1.5 Tesla from Africa and the image quality is comparable to the ones we have been seeing in the USA and other countries.

In Africa, the main locations where Advanced Telemed receives studies are Egypt, South Africa, and Nigeria. We are looking to expand and help more countries with subspecialty readings from our team. At Advanced Telemed there are all sub-specialty radiologists such as MRI, Body imaging, Neuroradiology, and Musculoskeletal. We connect with imaging centers and hospitals in Nigeria and other nations in Africa and provides final reporting to the centers.

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