Teleradiology during the COVID-19

Teleradiology during the COVID-19

The uncalled situation of a global pandemic is not only affecting us Healthwise but also proving that we have fewer resources for a situation like this. We are facing a scarcity of frontline workers, personal protective equipment and even the place to isolate and treat people. Therefore, many countries have decided to build temporary isolation wards and hospitals. Another area seems to be experiencing an increase in several cases, which is teleradiology. The growth in the number of CT scan cases is increasing and so are the radiological studies.


Novel COVID-19 has symptoms such as fever, fatigue, dry cough, and dyspnea. A range of chest imaging features has been reported since the virus has first spread. The imaging findings of coronavirus syndromes are being used to prevent further transmission of the virus to patients. So, Imaging plays an important role in the diagnostic work of COVID-19, to see how the disease is progressing and follow up. As this virus is from the same family as of SARS and MERS, radiologists need to gear up as its clinical features may get treated from past pulmonary syndromes. Because of this imaging spectrum of Coronavirus, it is related to radiology.

With the use of CT scans, the experts in New York have found some patterns in the lungs which may help for diagnosis of the coronavirus. As the cases are increasing and several new temporary hospitals are being built, it is obvious that the demand in radiology is going to go up for diagnosis purposes.

Because of this, the value of telemedicine solutions is at a peak as it helps prevent person-to-person contact. Also, clinicians and radiologists can work at home or office locations instead of hospitals. Teleradiology allows safe distance without compromising with any kind of care. It keeps the patients away from healthy people.

As the teleradiology field has taken over and it is active and available day and night (considering all the time zones), the number of radiology studies are at peak. Different radiology centers in the world are collaborating to fight against this medical emergency.

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