Medical displays used in Teleradiology: New Trends

Medical displays are particular type of monitors used for Teleradiology. There has been significant change in these recent years in technology and the recent advancement in the segment of teleradiology has been worthwhile. The new radiology monitors provide a higher level of clarity which helps in analyzing the scan better. The brightness and contrast resolutions allows a flexible visibility which can be adjusted in the display.


The new medical displays are also more rigid and they last longer. Many of these displays come with photosensors built into the display for auto-calibration. The MRI study or CT scan can also be projected on multiple displays for large format options. The option of different types of resolutions is also available for almost all display types. The calibration in radiology softwares are much advanced and they provide you higher freedom to calibrate the colors and gray levels accurately. Though the x-rays are black and white, the market has seen a higher shift away from monochrome displays and have adopted to color displays.  X-rays previously needed 2Megapixel monitors.


3D imaging displays are also the talk of the town. 3D images give a real life examination of the patient. It not only adds volume to the images but also 3D perception adds the depth, which helps in analyzing the ailment better. At times, when a radiologist is reading the radiologic modality and diagnosing, he also needs to switch between monochrome and colour to analyze it better. It helps in jotting down things accurately by validating the analysis of medical imaging. 3D scans also increase the efficiency of the radiologist as the analysis becomes fast if they get a realistic 3D view of the ailment.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools have made life even simpler. AI is one of the hottest trends in medical displays. Machine learning automatically diagnosis the situation and provides the first level of draft of the situation. It becomes a blessing for the doctors as it assists them perfectly in the analysis of medical imaging. AI also speeds up the process considerably and reduces the workload of radiologist be automating all monotonous tasks and thereby enhancing their efficiency. AI helps early detection of diseases at not so equip chronic disease management and help save lives.


Prior to COVID-19 pandemic, radiologist were looking out for some better teleradiology features and options to work which were not readily available. This pandemic has seen considerable advancement in the segment of teleradiology and radiologist are using home environment and flexible work hours. The long lasting dream of radiologist working from home and setting up a home diagnostic center has taken shape and all these advanced displays have got a better market in these times.


There is still great room for advancement when it comes to neon and brighter displays in dark reading rooms. The recent enhanced contrast imaging is what has been appreciated by most radiologist. The recent researches are being carried out for higher pixel transparency and higher backlights. Also there has been an increment increase in the demands of spare parts and accessories for medical displays. Due to COVID-19 situation, there is delay in shipment and supply chain inefficiency which has increased the cost of displays all around the globe.


Investing in medical displays is the very right investment for the radiologist who want to upgrade themselves and offer teleradiology services.


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