New Radiology Virtual Consulting Model in Demand

A group of researchers in US found that virtual consultant can assist radiology services and add value. It can replace the requirement of face to face visits with virtual consultant.

Recent studies in radiology conducted in US have worked around the patient-centered video consultations and realized that patients appreciate the video mode of consultation as compared to any other method of consulting.

The test was made with virtual radiology visits which also showed high level of patient and provider satisfaction. Video consultation also shows reduced cost as shows promise over follow-up visits. Another aspect being that both patient and the provider are embracing this new method of consultation which is showing promise.

The virtual consulting setups are also deployed in hospitals to consult patients who cannot make up to the hospitals for various reasons. Also, it has been noticed that virtual consulting sessions last for about 8 minutes and saves considerable time for both the patient and the provider. With the online model in place there is limited disruption in the radiologist workflow. Radiologists need about 10-12 mins of time to analyze the scan in order to provide best of consultation. This gives them the bandwidth to accomodate more patients in an hour and offer higher range of services in a day’s turn around time.

With AI in place, the analysis becomes easy and also reduces furthe time for analysis. Also, with virtual consulting models the radiologists can be consulted by the doctors who is treating the patients. These radiologists are just a click of button away with video consulting model. This not only speeds up the entire process of treatment but also helps build great bonds between the providers, thereby offering great quality services for the patients.

This model works wonders when patients wish to take a second opinion from a radiologist who is miles away. This is a blessing in disguise for hospitals in distant locations who are disconnected from the mainstream in order to provide best of services. More than one PCP (Provider Care Physicians) can be consulted if need be in critical and complex conditions

The virtual radiology point-of-care model demonstrates feasibility and scalability. It can provide an opportunity for patients to get the reviews for their reports the very same day for a quick diagnosis and treatment.

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