Dedicated MRI Safety Roles To Reduce Risk

It is important for every manager to follow MRI safety rules as best practices. The best practices are outlines by American College of Radiology. If you want to be approved through ACR guidelines, there is a manual and Advanced Telemed Services can help your imaging center to be approved in addition to the teleradiology services that are provided. MRI is one of the critical examinations and should be carried out with utmost care. Several advances have been made in last few years and the overall industry has seen a great shift in MRI technology.

There have been advances on every front be it technology, clinical diagnosis, MRI diagnostic process, licensing, accreditation and more. While this is said, it is also important to train the technologists on these processes in order for them to abide by the same. Any lapses on these front can cause great damage henceforth it needs to be managed efficiently.

There are several radiology safety norms laid down for overall safety of machines, clinics, ionizing process and more but hardly anybody abides by the same. The oversight of MRI examination in imaging centers is always maintained with clients of Advanced Telemed Services. Advanced Telemed Services provides MRI teleradiology readings and helps imaging centers get accredited with American College of Radiology for MRI standards.

On an average there are 40 million MRI scans done in a year in USA and this is going to increase over time. In order to strictly lay down the rules, trifecta (Three factor) norms are put in place which are as under:

a.) MRMD – MR Medical Director

MRMD is an overlooking or supervising specialist in radiology who is responsible for the safety norms and execution of the same in the clinic.

b.) MSRO – MR Safety Officers

MSRO is a radiology technician who needs to execute the safety measures as directed by MRMD. One need not be certified to follow the norms and anyone trained on the same, should abide by it.

c.) MRSE – MR Safety Experts

MR Safety experts are the ones who are either medical physicist or technicians. He needs to understand the grassroot level requirement of the processes and the safety norms for the same. This person actually need to be certified as he needs detailed insights on every aspect. The certification can be availed from American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety (ABMRS).

While this is important for everyone involved in MRI process, we all need to share responsibility for MRI safety in order to avoid accidents of any kind. The safety norms need to be upgraded from time to time and we need to adhere to the same. For contrast coverage, a radiologist needs to be monitoring at all times and in case of emergency should be able to do CPR.

Though we are making miniscule progress on this front, we need to gear up to make sure safety norms are in place and everyone involved in the process abides by the same.

Advanced Telemed Services is in the domain of providing teleradiology services to hospitals, clinics, mobile clinics and more and makes sure the safety norms are in place. Advanced Telemed Services does not have MRI machines and does not do MRIs. We at Advanced Telemed Services strictly do teleradiology readings and provide a radiologist for contrast coverage under the ACR, Medicare and FDA guidelines. We would like to work with your imaging center or hospital for teleradiology MRI readings. For more information visit,