Few Reasons Why Radiologists Love Practicing Teleradiology

Teleradiology began in the mid-90s. It had a greater push in mid-2000s. With the advent of covid-19, teleradiology has been a blessing in disguise and everyone has respected the profession. Several radiologists adopted to teleradiology in order to keep social distance but at the same time make sure to provide the necessary medical support desired in these unprecedented times.

Teleradiology was always overlooked and considered as the “dark side” of the profession or only be used for extended hours when the key radiologist is absent or unavailable. While in prime cities that may be the case, but for rural areas where there is lack of medical facilities and imaging center support, teleradiology provides amazing helping hand to provide accurate diagnosis and expert advice for critical cases. This can be life saving in most of the complicated cases  such as CT Scan Emergency Room of a hospital and also ones where-in there is a requirement for a second opinion over a diagnostic case.

Along with the accurate diagnosis, there is also administrative requirement for payroll process, infrastructure, operational expenses all to be managed efficiently in order to provide quality services. All these administrative costs are waived off when it comes to teleradiology practice as most of the operations are managed online which are not only faster but easy and efficient to manage.

Teleradiology removes the overhead of operations and management and allows even a new radiology practioner to be profitable without any adhoc expenses. He can upgrade to teleradiology and provide his services at no cost of operation. Also, teleradiologist save considerable amount of time, which would have otherwise spend in operational efforts, which can be directed to provide great patient support and better diagnosis. AI tools have made the life of radiologists even more comfortable, as it provides first hand guidance and accurate diagnosis.

Teleradiology is a virtual reality today and this new system of radiology provides greater freedom to operate in one’s own style. Day and night teleradiology services provide round the clock teleradiology support and expedite patient care. Also, teleradiology practitioners can operate at the time that suits them the best, in order to avoid distractions. Innovative technology (PACS) and RIS allow one to be a self-reliant teleradiologist, rather then being dependent on imaging centers and equipments for providing diagnosis. Teleradiologists can operate from a small dark room set up in the corner office or home, and start teleradiology services without much investments.

Reports say that in these times of pandemic, about 65.2% radiologists have started incorporating the workstations at home and about 73.6% have adopted to internet teleradiology.

Also, one can always provide video or phone support to imaging centers or practitioners, in case of any queries. This allows extended services in times of need.

If you are a radiologist, who appreciates flexibility in career, teleradiology is the right way forward for you. All what is desired from you is commitment to your work, being available on calls when required and a few software to provide teleradiology services.

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