Mature Teleradiology Market – What does it mean for Hospitals, Imaging Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Mobile Clinics?

Teleradiology is a service used by a wide range of vendors (such as hospitals, imaging centers, urgent care centers or mobile clinics) to provide their patients a quick turnaround time for their reports.

The teleradiology market in US would be around 22.8 billion by 2025 as forecasted by a couple of market research companies. The growth is stipulated based on the current run rate and also taken into consideration the effect of corona outbreak in 2020. There are various cloud based solutions which can assist the skilled radiologists for providing teleradiology services. The emerging countries of the world are providing greater growth opportunities for roles in teleradiology segment. The growth of this market segment is attributed to the incremental adoption of cloud based solutions.

Teleradiology is majorly divided into two broad segments, teleradiology reading services and teleradiology IT (Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS)). Full stack developers provide great teleradiology tech services which is providing teleradiology services on the fly with the help of technology driven initiatives. Other aspects include imaging on call services wherein the advice of expert radiologist is seeked in times of critical diagnosis by imaging centers, hospitals and places where the radiologists are not easily available in the vicinity. Direct radiology is evolving into teleradiology and it’s only going to be better in future.

Teleradiology and IT

Third party IT solution providers are entering this segment of IT product and solution and offering cutting edge tailored solutions for teleradiology. AI specialists will provide an all new impact on the success of this business and we see great strategic partnerships growing between IT, Tech, Tele-Radiology, Imaging Centers and health clinics. 

Coming five years will see a steep increase in the opportunity in the growing teleradiology segment and also the increased awareness about early diagnosis and its benefits. Going forward when the living conditions and environment have been affected by Covid-19, people are becoming more aware and careful and also alert in case of noticing any prevalent symptoms.

The competition in teleradiology segment is also going to increase in due course of time. Medical leadership will be joining further sources and there will be competitive rates and healthy competition in the coming years to come, which will only upgrade the offerings of teleradiology to provide better quality solutions to the patients. Teleradiology providers need to strengthen quick turn around and timely delivery of the reports. Healthcare sphere is critical and clinical work can be reduced considerably with the usher in of teleradiology. Times when it becomes difficult to consult radiologist or fetch a second opinion in times of dire need, teleradiology becomes a blessing in disguise. AI in teleradiology helps the new comers in radiology segment to provide accurate diagnosis and interpretations thereby increasing patient care and early diagnosis. Many companies are  investing in teleradiology segment and get into this segment of healthcare. This will increase the healthcare and quality of services by considerable amount of time. Physicians of other specialty may also extend their services in teleradiology segment to meet the ever increasing demands in this upcoming segment.

During the mature market, we are seeing lack of services while the transition is going on. Companies that got bought out such as Vrad was bought out by MEDNAX, Inc. This reduces coverage as the hospitals go through the termination process. During this, Advanced Telemed Services can provide night and day services. For teleradiology services, please contact us at