Professional Reading Videonystagmography Test through Teleaudiology

Access to qualified subspecialty Board Certified audiologists 24 hours a day

What is a VNG Test?

A videonystagmography(VNG) Test is the most common test administered to patients with dizziness or balance disorders. It is a battery of tests that records quantitative measurements of nystagmus, and provides objective documentation of vestibular function, the vestibular ocular reflex, and central vestibular pathologies

Remote reading services

Now any medical facility can provide VNG analysis by working with Advanced Telemed Services. Our services are improving patient care in areas where access to qualified audiologists, and available technology, may be limited. Work with USA certified audiologists to produce highly accurate videonystagmography (VNG) analysis’ for your patients in a cost-effective manner.

Teleaudiology is improving patient care while reducing the burden on individual medical practitioners. Advanced Telemed Services is ideal for all types of medical facilities, including rural hospitals, urgent care clinics, and internal medicine offices and many more. Our seamlessly integrated system allows you to send VNG studies from anywhere in your facility. Advanced Telemed Services treats your patients like one of our own and guarantees accurate reports.

Audiology Reports

Digitally send VNG studies to Advanced Telemed Services to have them reviewed by a USA Board Certified audiologist. Our practitioner will prepare and format an interpretation to be returned to your facility as promptly as possible. All reports are provided in a rich text format and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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