Comprehensive, Remote Dermatology Care with Advanced Telemed Services

Teledermatology has grown to become one of the most popular applications of telemedicine. Teledermatology services allow practitioners, healthcare facilities and patients to gain access to secure, high-quality technologies to transfer medical information through audio, video and data communication. As Teledermatology Company, Our solutions facilitate remote consultation, diagnosis, treatment, and education.

Consult with Board Certified Dermatologists in the U.S. – Teledermatology Company

Practitioners and patients located in remote parts of the country are able to connect with experienced dermatologists through digital platforms to send queries regarding lesions and other skin conditions. Since there is no need for both parties to be present at the same location, this approach & our teledermatology care enables cost-effective healthcare delivery for all.

Comprehensive Healthcare Management through Teledermatology Services

With the support of Advanced Telemed Services, healthcare service providers are able to include quality dermatology diagnosis and treatment into their battery of services. A medical professional or general practitioner who is managing the patient is able to consult our experts, who telecommcan provide a primary diagnosis or an expert second opinion. It is now possible for healthcare facilities to administer accurate treatment and care for a number of skin conditions.

Teledermoscopy and Temedermapathology Readings and Reporting

With a guaranteed 24-hour turn-around time for all our report readings, rely on our services to get your dermoscopic lesion images examined and reported. This helps practitioners quickly detect malignant skin lesions and melanoma for effective, early treatment.

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