The Power of Telepsychiatry Software

Telepsychiatry software empowers providers with newfound flexibility and efficiency in managing their practice. The virtual nature of telepsychiatry eliminates the need for physical office space, reducing overhead costs and expanding opportunities for flexible scheduling. Providers can optimize their time by eliminating travel constraints and reducing wait times, ultimately serving a larger patient population. Whether it’s adjusting hours to accommodate diverse patient needs or conducting virtual consultations from the comfort of home, telepsychiatry software provides a seamless and efficient experience for both providers and patients.

One of the greatest advantages of telepsychiatry software is the ability to extend services beyond traditional boundaries. With Advanced Telemed Services, mental healthcare providers can connect with patients in remote or underserved areas, overcoming geographical constraints. No longer bound by distance, providers can offer psychiatric evaluations, therapy sessions, medication management, and follow-up appointments conveniently and securely. This expanded reach ensures that individuals in rural or underserved communities have access to quality mental healthcare, reducing disparities and improving overall well-being.

Telepsychiatry Services for Individuals and Families

Our software services are available for providers who want to provide online healthcare. We provide doctors Online platform to provide Psychiatric care that can be accessed from anywhere, on a schedule that’s convenient for the patient. No more traveling or waiting in doctors’ offices. Make an appointment at any time of day and simply connect to our secure video conferencing network.

Employers Seeking Psychiatric Consultation

For companies that require their employees to receive a psychiatric evaluation, telepsychiatry can provide the perfect, in-office telepsychiatry solution. Simply schedule appointments during lunch hours, between meetings, or at other convenient times.

Insurance Providers that Require Mental Health Evaluation

Many hospitals and HMOs require their patients to obtain mental health services during and after various treatments. Advanced Telemed Services can provide specialized telepsychiatry services, with follow-ups that can be conducted from anywhere.

Hospitals, Clinics, and Practices Offering Mental Health Services

Hospitals in rural areas, or other facilities with limited staffing, may find it difficult to provide specialized psychiatric services. Advanced Telemed Services can offer any kind of mental health service your facility may be seeking.

Remote Psychiatry Services

  • Psychiatric evaluation/treatment including crisis intervention for all patient demographics
  • Psychological evaluation and/or treatment
  • Medication Administration
  • Court Ordered Assessments
  • Substance abuse scenarios
  • Any additional mental health services

We also provide an online clinic Solutions for Psychiatrists –

Along with offering professional services to facilities across the nation, Advanced Telemed Service, a healthcare software – PsychOnline platform connects psychiatrists and patients in a secure online video session that allows psychiatrists to serve patients in remote or underserved areas, removing the need for the patients (and the psychiatrist) to travel to meet face-to-face. PsychOnline is a great way for psychiatrists to grow or enhance their practices, and it allows mental health coverage to current patients and patients who otherwise might not be able to find qualified mental help. For more information, please visit

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