Crisis Centers & Rehab

Telepsychiatry Services for your Crisis Centers and Rehab Clinics


Advanced Telemed Services offers crisis centers and rehabilitation clinics a great way to enhance patient care, allowing you to quickly and efficiently assess, diagnoses and treat patients.

Intervention in a Less Restrictive Setting

Our telepsychiatry services enable crisis centers to provide mental health patients treatment in the least restrictive environment. By providing on-demand as well as appointment-based access to crisis intervention specialists, we are able to help patients before the escalation of a crisis, preventing the need for an ER visit or hospitalization.

Financial Win-Win Along with Quality Care

Backed by HIPAA-compliant technology and a dedicated 24X7 telephone line, we are able to provide high quality crisis management and rehab care at reasonable prices. Enhance the efficiency of your practice and reduce costs in crisis management and rehabilitation by providing a service that is convenient to access for your patients as well as your staff.

Our services are ideal for adults seeking a variety of mental health treatment options. Our experts are able to work with your crisis and rehab center to design effective wellness strategies that fit the preferences and lifestyle of your patients.

  • Patients can acquire care from anywhere at any time with high-quality video and teleconferencing options
  • Patients have access to qualified crisis care experts
  • Reduced wait time, allows your patients to receive timely care

Whether your crisis and rehab center is dealing with alcohol, drug and smoking cessation activities, offering suicide prevention support or any other critical mental health condition, our telepsychiatry services can help support your practice in delivering the much needed on-time critical care.

For more information on how we can serve your business, big or small, contact us at or call us at 617-909-4766