Offering Telepsychiatry Services to Your Employees


Increasingly, employers all over the United States are seeing the benefit of offering telepsychiatry services as a part of their Employee Assistance Programs or Employer-sponsored health insurances. We at Advanced Telemed Services offer mental health care through telepsychiatry consult.

Establish a Telepsychiatry Program at Your Offices Today!

Setup a telepsychaitry program at your business today with the help of our expertise. We offer all the telepsychiatry services and tools required to launch and maintain an effective e-psychiatry program. Our customized services include –

  • Training your staff to handle mental health issues at the workplace.
  • Customized reporting that allow your employees to pursue effective care.
  • On-demand or scheduled timing blocks based on the budget and the needs of your employees
  • An option to use our services during office hours, after hours or on weekends

Why Hire Advanced Telemed Services?

Not only are employees benefiting from such services, but employers are able to leverage a happier, more satisfied and productive workforce. Our HIPAA-compliant corporate telepsychiatry program enables access to an array of mental health services to employees all across the United States. With the help of video conferencing and other tech-enabled tools, we are able to –

  • Virtually consult employees on mental health issues
  • Provide support from social workers and nurse practitioners
  • Provide on-demand or scheduled timing blocks based on the budget and the needs of your employees
  • Enhance engagement for effective mental health treatment.

We also offer telephonic or real-time audio video conference consults with expert psychiatrists.

Happy Employees Equals Business Growth

Providing services that help employees manage their stress levels and cope with other mental health issues without the fear of losing their jobs or work-life balance allows employees to be more satisfied at work, more loyal to your company and more productive. All of this ultimately has a direct impact on your business growth.

Technology Backed Experts

Our mental health experts and nurse practitioners are able to offer high quality telepsychiatry consult & support all across the United States with the help of the latest technologies. Our teams are sensitive to the mental health needs of today’s workforce and offer the best care possible through telemedicine environments.

For more information on how we can serve your business, big or small, write to us at info@advancedtelemedservices.com or call us at 617-909-4766.