Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent Care Centers and Teleradiology

The number of urgent care centers in the U.S. has now topped 9,000.

The benchmarking report provided by Urgent Care Association in  2019  that showed the total number of centers had reached 9,616 as of November 2019. This is an over 9% jump from the previous year.

The number of centers has increased steadily each year from 2013, when the total number of urgent care centers was 6,100. There is an exponential rise of urgent care centers every year given that there is an increase in cases. Currently in 2020, the number of urgent care centers sprung to over 9000 centers. Due to COVID the centers were in great use. The Emergency room in rural areas can be really far. Driving 50-60 miles might making getting patient care in time difficult. With the help of urgent care centers being close by and in abundance, patient care can be provided quickly.

Rise in urgent care centers has created competition for hospitals and imaging centers only with X-rays and Ultrasounds. Most urgent care centers have an X-ray or Ultrasound in their office. They also have EKGs, Echocardiograms and ECGs in their office. With the help of these modalities it is possible to determine the preliminary diagnosis. Advanced Telemed Services has partnered with many of these centers all over United States and provided patient care within a few minutes. Advanced Telemed Services has radiologists available 24/7 and provided centers with a radiologist/cardiologist consultation as needed.

Advanced Telemed Services has recently partnered with 3 urgent care clinics last week and is looking to increase their coverage more and more. If you are an urgent care clinic with a radiologic modality or center doing X-rays, Ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs or mammograms, for more information, please contact us at +1-617-909-4766 or info@advancedtelemedservices.com