Mobile Clinics

Teleradiology Solutions for Mobile Clinics

Advanced Telemed Services provides the service and tools to give mobile clinics a competitive advantage in providing outstanding patient care. We understand the demands of providing mobile imaging services and strive to ensure that our clients receive fast, accurate reports that answer the clinical question.

Catering to Diagnostic Needs in Mobile Medical Imaging

Mobile imaging is critical in the comprehensive delivery of modern day healthcare. For mobile clinics to provide early and precise medical diagnosis, we provide the experience and expertise of board-certified radiologists. With over 16 years of experience working with mobile imagine companies, we provide the advanced teleradiology solutions and technology to ensure connectivity with fast report delivery. We aim to provide final reports to you in 30 minutes or less.

Unparalleled Expertise

Through a team of American Board Certified radiologists and cardiologists, we are able to manage high volume reporting and reading for mobile clinics. With quick and accurate readings of X-rays, ultrasounds, Echos, EKGs, MRIs, and even mammograms, we help facilitate effective diagnosis and timely treatment.

Workflow Centric to Your Mobile Clinic’s Operations

Mobile clinics employ a unique workflow that needs to support a high volume of studies. Our clinical workflows are established in a way that studies are quickly read and reported. With auto-faxing, email notifications and online access, report delivery is available via multiple secure options. We integrate into all PACS systems in order to make delivery of service very quick. We offer the best personalized service in the market for technology and teleradiology service!

Quick Turn-Around Time

Mobile clinics often act as alternatives to ERs, compelling service facilitators to pursue quick diagnosis and treatments. With a full-time staff along with a backup team of radiologists, we ensure quick TAT for all your reporting.

Second Opinions

By collaborating with specialists on our team, it is possible for doctors at your hospital to easily handle complex cases and second opinions. Our advanced teleradiology services enable seamless collaboration between all medical decision makers so that the patient receives the care they need.

Our second-opinion reports too offer recommendations for patient care and highlight specific discrepancies to allow prescription of correct treatments.

Often patients have previous reports or X-rays which can be attached to the current studies. In case, there is a need for a second opinion on old studies, the images are sent over and second opinion ca be provided. Other modalities of the same patients are done, we can get second opinions done.

Superior Quality Teleradiology and Diagnostics

With the use of an intuitive PACS we are able to fit into the everyday operations of mobile clinics all across the country. Furthermore, our servers are secure and HIPAA compliant, ensuring the safety of the shared patient information.

Let us show you how working with Advanced Telemed Services will give you a competitive edge and provide the advanced teleradiology solutions and care that your patients and client facilities deserve. Contact us today!

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