Our Technology

Our Technology Solutions

At Advanced Telemed Services, our teleradiology solutions are designed to create seamless and safe data environments. All our medical reports and information transferred between medical facilities and our team are protected using the best IT infrastructure and security measures.

Our HIPAA-compliant servers are safely encrypted, ensuring that no patient information is at risk. With the help of advanced image storing and archiving systems we are able to ensure that hospitals, mobile clinics, imaging centers and clinics are able to leverage the best technology without having to face the burden of making large capital investments on their own.

Key Features of Our Technology

  • HIPAA compliant, secure servers
  • 24X7 tech support, including live human availability
  • Redundant servers with fail over configuration
  • Strong mechanisms to protect data security
  • Customized report formats that clarify information required for quick patient care decisions

Our systems are easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing hardware system used by facilities in need of teleradiology solutions. We are able to work with medical care centers in even the most remote environments.

With an HL7 interface designed specifically for the healthcare sector, we optimize standard messaging protocol to connect legacy systems. We employ robust mechanisms that ensure comprehensive protection of data.

For more information on how we can serve your business, big or small, write to us on info@advancedtelemedservices.com or call us on 617-909-4766