Urgent Care Clinics

The frustration over long waits and expensive bills at the ER has resulted in the growth of urgent care clinics across the nation. Urgent care clinics provide patients the quickest delivery of care to know what exactly is the issue with the patients. Patients are further not supportive of long waits even at their family doctor’s office. Urgent care clinics are able to offer immediate access to quality medical care, often conveniently located near to patients’ homes. Services such as teleradiology offered by Advanced Telemed Services make it all the more convenient for these clinics to provide quick and accurate treatment to their patients. As of 2019, 9,616 urgent care centers all over the United States which is up from 8767 urgent care centers in 2018.

Enhanced Efficiency and Reduced Costs

Clinics that are devoted to offering emergency medical care find that our service provide an effective way to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, improve market share and eventually generate more revenue as a facility. In rural health, urgent care clinics is an excellent solution because the Emergency Room can be very far. With the help of telehealth and PACS the images can be sent to us and an interpretation can be provided within minutes.

Easing Your Burden

Urgent care clinics are always concerned about escalating costs that come with offering constant medical help with vastly fluctuating patient volumes. Telemedicine helps ease this burden by offering high-end diagnostic and reporting services with short turn-around times at affordable rates. We can provide reading coverage for all imaging modalities and our reports are easy to read and answer the clinical question. Also, our radiologists are available for consultation as needed. Our radiologists are available with just a phone call away.

A Chance to Eliminate Unnecessary ER Visits

Advanced Telemed Services’ teleradiology solutions enable urgent care clinics to enhance their scope of service and reduce unnecessary patient visits to the ER. By providing the imaging services in the urgent care center, both the healthcare system and the patient win. In rural parts of United States, rural health is readily available through urgent care centers. Advanced Telemed Services works with different parts urgent care centers in USA in Kentucky, Ohio, Florida and majority of the 50 states.

Avail Our Customized Services

Urgent care clinics benefit from our highly-customized reporting formats that enable urgent care physicians to take correct decisions on time and at the time of patient care. Our reports are sent directly to your site and are even available to you in our system.

HIPAA- Compliant Servers

Our advanced teleradiology services rely on HIPAA-compliant and fully encrypted servers making sure that your patient information is never at risk. In addition, we make use of advanced image storing and archiving systems, allowing your urgent care center to leverage the best technology without having to use up critical financial resources.

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